Stretch Tents

come rain come shine

Hiring one of our elegant Stretch Tents will provide a picturesque backdrop for your ceremony, reception and/or afterparty. All designs are customised to your event, whether it be an open outdoor space or multi-level patio and garden

For a Moroccan-themed party, low tables, ottomans and cushions give that laid-back vibe. Incorporate kilim rugs for added luxury.

Protect your guests from rain and hot summer days. Customise your experience with a stretch tent. Create one-of-a-kind shapes. Stretch Tents suit both casual and fun, as well as the more classic and sophisticated weddings

All stretch tents start out as the proverbial blank canvases – their unique curvature and natural lines serving as principle décor feature. Naturally, the choice of additional pieces has to compliment, if not enhance, the style of the occasion. This is often very easily achieved through simple lighting combinations, colour coordination and the use of appropriate furniture.

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